Hippo at dusk on the Kwando River

Wildlife and Bird Photography Boat Tours

Mukolo Wildlife and Birding Photo Tours are on a specialist photography boat which has 2 fully padded, swivel chairs, with a gimbal system onto which large lenses are mounted.  All tours are exclusive, limited to two photographers and include a Photography Host.   If required, a camera and telephoto lens can be provided. All levels of photographers are welcome.

Note: All tours may be changed or cancelled due to weather, river and road conditions.


  • for 1 Person:   N$1 250 / EUR 75

  • for 2 Persons: N$1 900 / EUR 110


  • Morning:     06:30-09:30 am

  • Afternoon:  15:30-18:30 pm

Tour Overview

  • We meet on the Viewing Deck for an early morning wake-up coffee whilst the gear is placed on the boat

  • As we wind our way slowly through a narrow channel, your Photography Host will assist you to set up the camera on the gimbal and to go through the various camera settings and functions.  By the time we reach the main river, you will be able to take your first photos

  • Usually we head upstream, along the way spotting a variety of waterfowl in the reeds and water lily beds - and maybe a crocodile or two

  • Along the banks there are stands of large riverine trees in which we look for birds of prey, forest birds and maybe an elusive water monitor lizard

  • As the Kwando River winds it way through the floodplain we will see the swamp antelope, Lechwe, Reed Buck and hopefully the rare Sitatunga

  • During the dry season, we may run further with the boat to reach the shoreline of the Bwabwata Game Reserve to see Elephant and plains game such as Buffalo and Giraffe

  • Other than when we travel quickly to reach the Game Reserve, we travel very slowly and quietly, looking for the best photo opportunities

  • We can adapt the tour to suit your particular interest 

Optional Additions

  • If you don't have a suitable camera or lens, you may use our semi-professional DSLR camera and telephoto lens (at no additional charge)

  • After your tour we download your photos onto a complementary USM Memory stick

  • Gratuities to the Boat Captain - at your discretion

  • On an average 3-hour tour, you may expect to take +-300 photos.  We offer to select 30 of the photos and edit them to give them that professional look.  We will then email them to you in a high quality digital format - N$300 / EUR17

  • During the dry season and if the water levels are high enough, we may offer to take you to the shoreline of the Bwabwata Game Reserve, where there may be elephant and plains game.  As this route is further than our usual route, we will start the tour 1/2 hour earlier.  The additional charge for the boat will be N$250 / EUR15


Captain Admire - our Aspirant Photographer

Our experienced boat captain and wildlife guide.  Admire has shown a very keen interest in photography.  By spending time teaching him about photography and how to use cameras with large lenses, has honed his boating skills.  He is able to approach wildlife and position the boat in such a way as to get the best photos.  This is not an easy task when one has the current and wind to content to, yet he seems to achieve this effortlessly.
His local knowledge of the birds and wildlife is excellent, as is his eyesight and spotting ability. 

Boat captain and Wildlife guide on Mukolo Photo Tours