Diversity of Trees at Mukolo Camp

Updated: Aug 13

One of the main reasons why Hennie & Veronica chose the Mukolo Camp site, was because of the number of large ingenious trees on the property. In developing the Camp, every effort has been made to retain the trees. Areas where trees were previously cut down have been re-planted.

On the Reception notice board, is a list of 30 of the main trees that can be found at Mukolo Camp. Corresponding labels have been placed on the trees and there is a map showing the position of the trees.

On our Kwando River Trees page, there is a photo of each tree, with the English, Afrikaans and Scientific names. There is also a brief description of each tree. The information on some of the trees is really interesting in how they are used for medicinal purposes, and their role in culture and beliefs. In particular, the Sycamore Fig.

I am absolutely fascinated with trees. It would be fair to say that without trees, there would not be life on this Earth as it is now.

In Panama, where we spent a few years, the number of tree species in the Rainforests was staggering. About the only way I could identify a tree was when it flowered. The question I always ask myself is: how does one species of tree know when to flower at exactly the same time as all the other same species, which may be kilometres away? That’s a really interesting topic for another day.

Sycamore Fig at Mukolo Camp
Sycamore Fig at Mukolo Camp

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